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The gradual evolution of the job market has given rise to a new form of employment i.e, outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a simple business practice that employs a third party to perform a particular service (previously performed by an in-house employee) at a significantly reduced rate.

The main perk of this service is that companies who follow through with outsourcing their tasks enjoy increased efficiency, lower ongoing investments, a better infrastructure, lower costs, access to a wide range of skills and resources.

And an increased focus on the company’s strategy and core competencies.


SVR Global Solutions offers a step by step description of how we provide an invaluable outsourcing service for your company.

Screening of Each Candidate Working on Projects

Before making a new hire, regardless of the duration of their association with the company, we make sure to vigorously check the applicant’s background information and references to rule out any discrepancies that may be present.

The best way to obtain a suitable fit for the company is to check the applicant’s criminal history, educational history, and employment history. In some cases, a drug test is conducted to ensure that the candidate does not indulge in illegally sourced substance abuse.

Our Infrastructure

In comparison to other outsourcing agencies, SVR Global Solutions has a wonderfully built infrastructure that grants a large array of benefits to all of our clients.

Owing to our advanced technology and highly developed software, we can save your company a huge sum of money.

In addition to this, we also make it easier for businesses to enjoy the handiwork of skilled employees whom they would not have been able to employ themselves on a full-time or part-time basis.

Our Outsourcing Services

SVR Global Solutions provides its clients with a wide base of resources to ensure all kinds of service industries are left with a satisfactory experience. We have an invigorating bench resource that allows us to take on any kind of project with ease.What is a bench resource, you ask? A bench resource is compromised of a group of individuals whose skill set is based on various technologies but are not actively working on any assigned projects.

With such an established and deeply skilled resource pool, you can rest assured that your company is in safe hands.Before we begin our association, it’s important for the business to give us specifications in regards to exactly why they are opting for this service. To ensure the company abides by its budget, a set rate is fixed. Usually, outsourcing services are paid by the hour to avoid any unnecessary squabbles.

Outsourcing – The Advantages of Conducting Business With Us

Outsourcing in itself is a highly beneficial service but if you choose to partner up with SVR Global Solutions, your company will be able to obtain benefits far beyond the realm of other outsourcing companies. Some of these benefits include:

Increased Savings

  • We save your company’s money by getting your tasks completed at lower costs with improved quality.
  • The additional costs for bonuses and health benefits are eliminated as well.

Reduction of Overhead Costs

  • By hiring one-project employees, you save the cost of renting office spaces, office supplies, and office equipment.
  • SVR Global Solutions provides new hires with a laptop and/or a high-speed wi-fi network and configuration if they are in need of one.

Refocus On Other Tasks And Core Values

  • We provide a stress-free service that allows clients to focus their company’s energies on other more important tasks and work towards goals that uplift the company’s core values.

Faster Turn-arounds

  • By the time it would take you to find an in-house employee to delegate the task to, SVR Global Solutions will already have the task completed.

Time Zone Advantage

  • For clients in different time zone, working with us adds the separate advantage of assigning a task before your closing time and starting your day with the task already completed and submitted to you.