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The most obvious answer to a workload far too immense for the current employees is to hire more workers.

It sounds simple enough but it can be a lengthy and tiring process for company owners.

Especially the ordeal of having to sift through the many numerous applications the company will potentially receive and the innumerable interviews that will inevitably have to be conducted.

SVR Global Solutions does all of this for you.We completely eradicate such time-consuming tasks so you can focus on more pressing matters at hand.

Staffing Services / Staffing Firm

How We Operate
  • SVR Global Solutions has a very comprehensive system in place to make sure only the cream of the crop has been hired to join your staff. Candidates are made to go through an extensive process before they are appointed.
  • Extensive screening, background checks, criminal history, educational history, and employment history are taken into consideration.
  • We analyze the position that is to be fulfilled and make a comprehensive list of the job specifications that are required by the company to comfortably fit the role. We take extra care to ensure that the right person is appointed for the right job. After all, an adequate fit will lead to higher productivity rates as well as an increased caliber of performance.
Our Resources
  • SVR Global Solutions has a large database of candidates with various levels of expertise and different skill sets that set them apart from the candidates usually found via the classic routes of publicization for job openings.
  • The various number of applications the company receives is then thoroughly reviewed by our team.
  • SVR Global Solutions personally contacts previous employers to verify the work ethic and behavior of candidates.
  • These screening measures might seem quite long but they are necessary to eliminate candidates who may not be as qualified as the others.
Flexible Payment Roll
  • After a rigorous and exhaustive process, the candidate best suited to fill the position is appointed and all other candidates are formally informed of this decision via a written statement.
  • The newly hired employee is either added to the company’s payment roll or he receives his monthly salary via SVR Global Solutions payment roll.
  • Usually, the issues of a higher salary rate or a prolonged paid time off are brought up. We believe the answer here is flexibility and an in-depth discussion with the candidate to accommodate his/her requests while keeping the company’s requirements and guidelines in mind.

Staffing Resources

Staffing Resources

  • SVR Global Solutions offers staffing services to a multitude of service industries. These range from the IT industry, the automobile industry, the banking industry, the manufacturing industry to even the healthcare industry.
  • If staffing is performed in an effective manner, the company will surely benefit from an optimum output from all human resources.
  • Such a feat ensures constant growth and development of the company and prevents it from falling into a state of stagnancy.
Staffing Resources

Benefits of Working With SVR Global Solutions

We save a ton of your time. We not only provide you with a diverse group of candidates but also a refreshing mix of skill sets that are easily found by a simple job search. Other benefits you and your company will obtain from working with us are:

  • No toiling over a candidacy pool. Instead, our experts take care of the entire hiring process for you.
  • A highly reduced risk of turnovers for newly hired employees & A large variety of highly experienced candidates to choose from
  • A quick employee replacement strategy & The company saves a lot of money on adverts and the salary of an in-house employee.
Staffing Resources

Importance of Staffing

  • Efficient performance by both the company and the staff.
  • A well-divided workload leads to higher proficiency rates for the company.
  • Addition of new projects and assignments.
  • The entire staff enjoys high morale and, in turn, increased productivity.
  • Effective use of the technological resources which are offered by the company.
  • The entire cost of hiring new employees is completely covered by the staffing agency hence saving your company a ton of money.
Staffing Resources

Functions of Staffing

  • The primary goal of staffing is to appoint qualified individuals for the post open in the organization.
  • By finding a candidate perfectly suited to the job, the quality of the company’s overall performance increases.
  • Staffing helps in making sure human resources are being properly utilized.
  • Employees are hired according to the requirements of the company.
  • All forms of background checks (this includes drug screenings) and reference checks are paid for by SVR Global Solutions itself.