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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is going to work nicely for a business, irrespective of whether it is a startup or an established player. It automates a company’s operation in the finest of ways.

We create fully integrated modules that help manage your manufacturing processes, financial flows, workflows, and workforce. A few of the modules that are frequently a part of ERP software that we deliver include sales, purchase, attendance management, biometric integration, business intelligence (BI), warehouse management, and payroll. Our services are available for enterprises operating in a variety industries. They include manufacturing, automobile, and export-import.

Our high-end solutions bring ease to tracking of the prevailing projects and resources. This helps enhance the prevailing business processes.

Process automation overcomes manual operations and simplifies data collection, to streamline business processes and boost efficiency. Aggregation of data at dedicated spots helps keep it up to date and consistent. Similarly, ERP solutions that we deliver ensure better access to data and generation of customizable reports. With easier access to customer information, customer service is boosted.


Our ERP Solutions

Our ERP solutions ensure better data security as well, as variable access rights are granted to users based on their profiles. Compliance issues are negligible as system software is created with in-built compliance. Among the top technologies that we use for ERP development include python, Django, .net, php, java and Laravel.

ERP for Project Management

Project management systems that we create are flexible and ensure real-time management, tracking, and accountability. We also integrate useful modules such as email and file sharing with CRM, after creating customized versions.

Workflow Management Toronto

Workflow is streamlined with the automation of the business process and simplified communication amongst teams and departments at reduced costs. Real-time customized forecasts for sales and finances through apps ease the unification of business processes.

Human Resource Management Company

HRM software boosts collaboration amongst the employees and the organization. Delegation of work is simplified with real-time overviews of available employees, their proficiencies and workloads. This helps manage employee schedules and drives efficiency.

Financial Management

Financial management software enables instant checks over balances. A single click finalizes transactions, manages accounts and filters data. The software is customized to meet your requirements and generate insightful reports.

Inventory Management

With the automation of Inventory management, products are managed better at warehouses. With the information available in real-time, transactions can be made instantly. We develop end-to-end systems that store all relevant product information.

Production Management Software

A production management system unifies tasks such as control of production sites, identification of errors, troubleshooting of machinery in real-time and tracking of working hours.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A deeper analysis of customer relationships through the customer lifecycle boosts customer service and reflects over CTRs, sales and repeat customers.