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SVRGlobal develops custom CRM software. We specialize in CRM backend, which enables us to analyze your business closely and come up with a CRM solution that is the best match for your business requirements.

CRM Installation

We install CRM software at your premises and implement the same as well. We also do cloud deployment of the CRM. The installation stays flawless with our services. A few of the considerations we always keep in mind are domain and server configuration. CRM installation is always done with best working practices and an expert methodology. It is irrespective of the unique factors associated with the physical and IT infrastructure of your organization.

CRM Software Development

We add to the functionality of the prevailing CRM by adding custom features and also develop custom CRM for clients. This optimizes customer lifecycle management and ensures an exceedingly positive experience for the end-customer through features such as membership management and loyalty programs. Each project initiates with an in-depth consultation with the client. As the client conveys his business requirements, we come up with suggestions over the best fit functionalities for his CRM software. Our elaborate working experience alternately puts us in the best position to suggest additional features which meet client requirements in the finest of ways and add to the business’s success.

Inventory management system

CRM Integration

We integrate custom CRM with social media platforms and other 3rd party systems as per clients' business requirements. It lets us deliver integrated solutions with functionalities such as ticketing systems automation, territory management, sales forecasting, and pipeline analysis. If you require additional features for inventory or sales tracking, we accomplish the same for you.

Mobile CRM Solutions Company

At SVRGlobal, we specialize in mobile CRM. Our services include creating responsive designs, custom mobile applications, offline and online synchronization, and location or GPS based functions. Context-awareness features are also a part of our Mobile CRM solutions. They enable sales, marketing, and customer service teams to make decisions in real-time. CRM software that we create is highly responsive and sales teams can access and utilize the same on the go.

CRM Migration

We are the finest avenue for CRM Migration services, and make sure that there are no disruptive delays or downtimes while we do a migration for the CRM. We keep the processes flawless and ensure that CRM software delivers maximum business value for you with the migration. Our services are secure and your data stays intact through the migration process. We also do away with the outdated parameters and maximize the functionalities, to deliver a competitive edge for your business.

CRM Analytics

We program software applications of CRM analytics. This makes them easier to use and understand, and base business decisions upon. Integration with chat, social media, email or phone simplifies the processes for customer segmentation. This is enabled by features like case histories, interaction tracking and keeping a record of automated and manual logging. An insight into client online behavior helps with customer segmentation. You could then run offers for privileged customers and nurture brand loyalty. This alternately reflects in the form of higher sales as well.

CRM Tools Toronto and Ottawa

We create CRM tools that add to the functionality and simplify tasks. CRM tools include alerts or notifications, affiliate management, automation creation, and automated process templates. As an example, we can create tools wherein customer’s browsing behavior reflects over product suggestions in real time, for an ecommerce store.