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Easy to Customize

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization.

School ERP Module

School Management ERP aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing ERP Module

The role of the ERP manufacturing module is to complete the inventory management by implementing the operations.

Tours And Travels ERP

ERP solution for airline and travel companies is a business valuable tool to manage all the workflow throughout the world.

Software Development

SVR Global Solutions delivers custom software development services. Our services are end to end, and encompass software testing, QA, system integration and technology consulting. We thrive in our technical expertise and a strong relevant working knowledge of software development.

UI/UX Design

Web front end pages that we develop are visually appealing, interactive and attractive. Design elements are consistent through the web-pages. An intuitive UI/UX makes the functionality of the app easy to comprehend and adds to the app’s usability. Our expert web designers are proficient over technologies such as CSS3, html5, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Mobile Apps Development Services

Vast percentages of search engines nowadays take place over smartphones. We create apps for both b2c and b2b organizations. They feature varied capabilities pertaining to domains including healthcare, finance, banking, and retail. We specialize in iOS app development, Android development, and Objective C developments.

Website development

We are a preferred choice for making a prime website or web app development services. Our website development services are varied. We come up with interactive, secure, reliable and consistent solutions for fintech and banking. We also create aesthetic e-commerce websites with refined features and flawless functionality using WooCommerce. Our areas of expertise include PHP development, Laravel development, Angular development, NodeJS development, Wordpress development, and JavaScript development.

JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is your prime selection for creating fast and high performer apps. Yahoo and Instagram run over JavaScript, the most common programming language in the world. We use Javascript to create top-performing websites APIs that perform seamlessly across platforms and devices. We are proficient across Javascript technologies including Express JS, Angular JS, Vue JS, Node JS, and Laravel.

Testing and QA

Our end-to-end testing and QA services keep software free from glitches and ensure that they deliver a prime performance at all times. This delivers a competitive edge for your organization and keeps downtimes at the lowest levels.

Responsive websites

We keep your websites responsive such that they perform well across screen sizes and devices. We specialize in methodologies such as CSS3 for the same. A responsive website ensures higher view times and accentuates branding efforts. They get higher sales and reflect over customer retention rates.

Secure Solutions

Each of the apps that we create is a highly secure solution. The odds of data breach or cyberthreats are done away with the most robust and latest of the security solutions that we use. This makes the apps reliable.

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