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Easy to Customize

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization.

School ERP Module

School Management ERP aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency and productivity.

Manufacturing ERP Module

The role of the ERP manufacturing module is to complete the inventory management by implementing the operations.

Tours And Travels ERP

ERP solution for airline and travel companies is a business valuable tool to manage all the workflow throughout the world.

Software Development for Manufacturing Companies

Software development is an integrated process of creating a solution by specifying, designing, programming, and managing application security risks to offer a unique business solution to the end user of an organisation. Software development is creating a program to perform required tasks for a set of given processes.

To meet an organisation’s business solution needs, they hire the services of a software development company who can deliver the best IT solution in a timely manner with high-security standards.

At SVR Global Solutions, your quest to find an ideal partner ends, where a team of highly skilled customer-centric professionals work with you to deliver an outstanding IT solution in cutting edge technology with all the bells and whistles to wow your senses in meeting all your business needs.

At SVR Global Solutions, to deliver the best outcome for our customers, during development we strictly follow the process cycle of planning, design, development, integration, and testing before deploying the final product. To give you hassle-free experience, we also offer the regular maintenance of our delivered IT solution and keep a watchful eye on the application integrity by adhering to the stringent application security standards.

Our expert team works with the latest tools and cutting edge technologies in software development that is not limited to Cloud computing, spiralogic application architecture, cod lobsters, bootstraps, HTML5 builder, and prototyping.

Software development (advanced technology, security)

With the technological advancements, application security becomes foremost priority of an organisation to protect their business data and applications from service breakdowns and/or malicious attacks. The security vulnerability threatens cyber-attacks that can cause extensive damage to the business applications, including data.

It is therefore essential to protect your business applications from unauthorized access. In doing so, organisations look to hire an expert cyber security design team that can not only keep a vigil on application security vulnerabilities but develop software solutions for them too.

At SVR Global Solutions, we have a team of cyber security experts with extensive knowledge in advanced technologies and expertise in designing impeccable security solutions to protect your business applications from malicious cyber attacks.

We offer you the best security practices and software development tools which include; HTTP domains, Angular JS, JAVA, Swift, Ruby on Rails, Git, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Advanced application encryptions, encoding responses, verify functionality, security testing including integrity, authentication, and encoding.

Our team of cyber security experts keep a tab on the security of your business applications and take necessary actions to protect it from cyber intrusion.

Software Development Life Cycle (Agile)

The agile software development life cycle is a methodology that is based on collaborative decision making, and a cyclic iterative progression of software production. The time-boxed period when different teams work together to complete a specific product is known as a sprint.

Many software companies struggle to create an agile environment in application development to also offer the best security trends. Many often have two separate teams for product development and software security design, that won’t work collaboratively and effectively. We work in a chain to offer you the best in application solution and security design without the need to have different teams and strategies in managing the development process.

At SVR Global Solutions, while developing the software applications, we aim to optimize the solution by addressing vulnerability risks to thwart malicious cyber-attacks. Our expert agile team focuses on developing processes, implement features, address the security risks and application issues with highest degree of responsiveness. Have the best agile networking with us for an impeccable software development life and cycle.

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