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Remote Services


Remote Services

Due to modern times, the workspace has largely shifted from on-site locations to off-site/remote locations. More and more people are opting for remote positions to offer a bit of flexibility to their schedules.Remote services not only improve the overall efficiency but also have an optimistic effect on the employee’s satisfaction with the company.In addition, they are also cost-effective and save the company quite a bit of money. SVR Global Solutions has a thorough process set in place to select only the best and most suitable candidates for our clients.

The Infrastructure of Our Services

SVR Global Solutions has gone to extreme lengths to ensure all of our equipment and software is updated so as to provide our clients with the best possible service.We eliminate the need for companies to work on their infrastructure since they directly benefit from SVR Global Solutions own brilliant structure.

Multiple Resources

A lot of factors are considered before we settle upon which route is best taken for our clients.In the case of large projects which require multiple resources, we appoint specific project mangers to overlook the progression of the task and to maintain high quality.

Work Tracking & Tracing

SVR Global Solutions takes special care in making sure the outsourced team is properly handling all of its responsibilities.To improve efficiency, a time tracking method is applied to make sure all remote workers are properly utilizing the time they are being paid for instead of procrastinating on the company’s time.The best way to obtain a suitable fit for the company is to match a candidate to the work environment of the company and not just the job itself.

A Higher Budget For Tools Than Most

We make sure to invest a considerable portion of our budget into providing our clients with better tools so as to provide them the option of saving their money on utilities, software, equipment, and labor.

Advantages of Working With Us

We can provide the essence of a company culture without the dreary ordeal of a 9 to 5 job to both the employer and the employee.Therefore, not only is the company’s satisfaction guaranteed but all the employees have an optimistic outlook which adds to the overall outlook of the company.